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AMCO Holdings, LLC is an Appalachian-based company with over 20 + years of experience in Oil and Gas. We help you get the most out of your mineral asset.

AMCO Holdings, LLC is an oil & gas mineral investment company actively acquiring and purchasing mineral interest throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

AMCO Holdings, LLC provides oil and gas mineral valuations, purchase/sales offers, and anything related to helping you and your family get the most out of your oil & gas interests.
We work with mineral and royalty owners who want to sell a portion oall of theioil and gas interest focash at a premium price.

There is a lot that goes into reviewing mineral assets. Here are the steps it takes to sell your mineral interest.

STEP 1: We analyze the size, shape, and location of your land/minerals, whether there is an existing lease on your property, the geology, DEP permits, DPU (Declaration of Pooling and Unitization recorded by the operator), any historic production, and/or if there are any production, nearby pipelines, and other factors.

STEP 2: If you decide to accept an offer, ​we will execute to you a Purchase Sale Agreement (PSA).

STEP 3: Once the PSA is signed and returned, We will perform due diligence for up to 45 calendar days.

STEP 4: Once the due diligence is cleared, an oil and gas mineral deed will be executed for the mineral owner to sign and you will receive your cash payment after the signing of the deed.

AMCO will take care of all abstracting, deed preparation, conveyance fees, and closing costs in the process. 

Oil and Gas Mineral Valuation Form

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Why work with AMCO?

AMCO HoldingsLLC a/k/a AMCO Minerals is located in the heart of the Appalachian Basin and the State of West Virginia.  Selling your oil and gas mineral rights and/or royalties can be a tough decision. As a leading purchaser of oil and gas royalties and mineral interests, we are here to help when it comes time for you to sell oil and gas royalties. AMCO Holdings, LLC has been helping individuals, families, trusts, and companies sell oil and gas royalties. We understand that selling oil and gas interests can be a tough decision. AMCO is a fully funded investment partnership and can close within 10 to 45 business days upon acceptance of our offer. We help landowners gain valuable peace of mind.


AMCO Holdings, LLC manages a variety of investments directly and indirectly connected with the development of the Marcellus and the Utica formations. AMCO was formed at the heart of the Appalachian basin and a native to the State of West Virginia, with a team of skilled professionals with a combined 20+ years of experience in legal, title, leasing, minerals, right of ways, and land acquisitions and 20+ years experience in the Appalachian Basin of the oil and gas industry. We're your trusted professionals here to help you! 

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