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How AMCO was formed: Appalachian Mineral Company, LLC (AMCO), a fully owned subsidiary of AMCO Holdings, LLC. AMCO was founded in 2002 by two native West Virginia Landmen who ran their own title and leased open acreage in the northern West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania areas. In 2005 AMCO started title and leasing projects with major E&P companies in the Appalachian Basin. Moving forward to today, AMCO is now a full all around acquisition company who works with major E&P companies, utilities companies and law firms for all their acquisition needs. AMCO also provides services for mineral and royalty owners with oil and gas interest or who has received mineral interest in the states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We were formed at the heart of the Appalachian basin and a native to the State of West Virginia, with a team of skilled professionals with a combined 40 years of experience in legal, title, leasing, minerals, right of ways and land acquisitions and 40 years experience in the Appalachian basin of the oil and gas industry. We're your trusted professionals here to help you! 

Integrity AlwaysWe are committed to doing business the right way. Our approach is based on honesty, fairness and respect. We work to earn your trust by being clear and straightforward in our communication, and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

At AMCO Holdings, LLC, we’re invested in the communities we serve and passionate about helping people live better lives. We offer landowners upfront payment for your oil and gas minerals and/or royalties, so you can put your cash to work immediately. AMCO is actively acquiring and purchasing mineral interest throughout West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

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Main Office: 724.209.8487

Director of Acquisitions: 724.505.1616

Email us at: info@appalachianmc.com

Located in Morgantown, West Virginia

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