Why work with AMCO?

AMCO HOLDINGS, LLC (AMCO) is located in the heart of the Appalachian Basin and the State of West Virginia. Selling your mineral rights and/or royalties can be a tough decision. As a leading purchaser of oil and gas royalties and mineral interests, we are here to help when it comes time for you to sell oil and gas royalties. AMCO has been helping individuals, families, trusts and companies sell oil and gas royalties. We understand that selling oil and gas interests can be a tough decision. Often times, the amount of information, contracts, terms and companies involved can seem overwhelming. That is why our team focuses on building relationships and we consider the owners we work with to be our partners. We are always happy to help answer any questions and to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your situation. AMCO is a fully funded investment partnership and can close within 30 to 60 business days upon acceptance of our offer. We help landowners gain valuable peace of mind.

What Is a Mineral Valuation?

A mineral valuation is a general process of determining the economic value of the minerals. Key factors we look at when performing this process,

First, AMCO will look to see if your lease language has a PREFERENTIAL RIGHT TO PURCHASE O&G INTEREST AND/OR RIGHTS clause in your lease. This allows the leasehold company to have the first right to purchase. If your lease is clear of this clause, then AMCO will continue with the valuation process listed below,

  • Geological areas of the mineral interest.

  • Activate, permitted and proposed units of E&P / drilling companies in the area of the mineral interest.

  • If the mineral interest is open, leased and/or producing.

  • If leased, we look at the mineral owners decision when they signed the lease, was the lease modified?


   For Example:

  • Higher royalty Percentage 

  • Cost free and/or non post production

  • Depth clause and/or Marcellus depth only

  • Pugh clause

  • Special warranty and/or Warranty of Title

  • Hold Harmless

  • Higher bonus per NMA (Net Mineral Acre)

  • SHUT-IN Limitations

If you're interested, please request a mineral valuation assessment by filling out the assessment form below or call and/or email us direct at 724.209.8487 |  info@appalachianmc.com  

Four easy steps when selling youmineral interest.

STEP 1: We analyze the size, shape and location of your land/minerals, whether there is an existing lease on your property, the geology, any historic production and/or if there is any production, nearby pipelines, and other factors.

STEP 2: If you decide to accept an offer, ​AMCO will execute to you a Purchase Sale Agreement (PSA), once you receive it, sign and return the PSA.

STEP 3: Once the PSA is returned, We will perform due diligence for up to 60 calendar days.

STEP 4: Once the due diligence is cleared, an oil and gas mineral deed will be executed for the mineral owner to sign and you will receive your cash payment at the signing of the deed.

AMCO will take care of all abstracting, deed preparation, conveyance fees and closing costs in the process. 

Note:  AMCO Holdings, LLC will never in any way recommend and/or give you a sales pitch to sell your mineral rights. We' re here to help the mineral owner value out their minerals if they decide to sell today, tomorrow, or in the future.

Here are some reasons why mineral owners sell their rights: tax advantages (a sale is taxed at a lower tax rate), easily convertible to cash, use the money for other needs,  guaranteed money today rather than speculating future income. Company bankruptcies, production history, decline curves and shut in well production. Commodity price risk – gas and oil pricing futures, political change, OPEC, weather, etc.

Mineral Assessment Valuation Form