First request a mineral assessment and offer by filling out the assessment form below or calling us direct at 724.209.8487.   


If you decide to accept the offer, ​AMC-LLC will execute to you a Purchase Sale Agreement (PSA), once you receive it, sign and return the PSA,  AMC-LLC will begin the due diligence period. AMC-LLC will perform due diligence for up to 45 calendar days. Once the due diligence is cleared, an oil and gas mineral deed will be executed for the mineral owner to sign and you will receive cash payment. 


AMC-LLC will take care of abstracting, deed preparation, conveyance fees and closing costs in the process. 

NOTE: We do not flip your mineral deal and we are not a broker. AMC-LLC works for the mineral owner by putting together a mineral ownership packet to present to our top three major capital investment firms in the United States. 

Mineral Assessment Form
Morgantown, West Virginia 
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