Real Estate Acquisitions

Locating properties on maps.

Locating parcel information and documents. 

Permitting, Entitlement and Zoning codes

Title and judgment searches.

Encumbrance research.

Real Estate Assets

Zoning maps, Zoning ordinances.

Property assessments.

Summarize legal or insurance documents.

Engineering scope work projects and mapping.

Seismic survey forms.


Title Acquisitions

Research, analyze, and evaluate real estate records and examine titles to

provide support when determining the historical ownership of properties.

Due diligence  and Curative.

Reviewing title opinions.

Heirships and Genealogist research.

HBP research and reports.

Updates title and judgment searches.

Prioritizes and manages workload across multiple projects.

Analyze chain of title and preparation of reports outlining title-related matters.

Examine and verify titles.

Prepare a comprehensive title product according to specified parameters in a timely manner.

Performs other duties as assigned by management.

Responds to random client requests.

NPRI and NEMI interest. 

Overriding royalties.

Division Orders.

Drill site title.

Deed Plotting.

Ownership reports.

Flowcharts and Run-sheets.

Mapping, mapping data in connection to acreage and title.

Lease Acquisitions

Negotiating Leases.

Lease Agreements.




Farm in and Farm Outs.

Unit leasing, open acreage leasing.

Heirship Leasing.

NEMI and NPRI Leasing.


​Right of Way Acquisitions

Roads, Pipeline and Transmission Easements.

Release of Specific Claims.

Supplemental Agreements.

Temporary Construction Activity.

Work space easements.

Amending easements.

Relocations agreements.

Reroute easements.

Design Considerations.

Survey Permission Forms.

Engineering designs, scope projects.

Researching, preparing, and submitting surface ownership title.  


  • West Virginia notary services.

  • Working with Attorneys, Engineers and Geologist.

  • Providing Full title abstracting foLaw Firms.

  • Experience and Knowledge of the Geological areas of the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays.

  • Experience and Knowledge of Pipeline Structures, Sizes and Pressures.

AMCO has had the pleasure of working with and/or represented the companies listed below.


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